Stephanie Love's Bio

    Stephanie Love  has always been passionate about music ever since she could remember. The stage was no stranger to her, at the age of 8 she participated in a play at Southwestern College and was truly touched by the experience . As time went on she started her vocal training in blues and jazz at the age of 14. The first band she played with was the Hilltop High's Music Tech Ensemble. Later in her high school career she went  to Chula Vista High to expand her vocal training by joining the school choir. It wasn't till later that  year, she became serious about song writing. Stephanie has always enjoyed reading poetry and as she was becoming more and more familiar with it. She started writing her own poems at the age of 14 and her first poem was published. After that, she began to explore songwriting. She ads a special touch to her music after spending years slowly growing as a writer.  At the age of 18 she attended many events to further her career in music like Vocal camp, local Jam Sessions, ASCAP Expo, and the Vocal Summit at Berklee College of Music. Stephanie strongly believes in authenticity and to this day she continues truly finding her self through her music.   

Stephanie Love has had vocal direction from Lucas Dominguez, Danielle LoPresti, Cassandre McKinley, Tracy Bee, and in currently working with Tiffy Jane. She’s also had the pleasure of working in the studio with, Tony Econom, Niko Steele, Kayja, Scott McDavid and Jae Henri. When she’s not working in the studio, she absolutely loves to perform. Stephanie has had the pleasure of performing at Southwestern College, Berklee College of music, Queen Bees, Tin Roof, La Maze, Dizzy’s, Lestat's, House Of Blues, and performed on The Scene in New York for Conde Nast Entertainment. Stephanie is also a very active songwriter and is extremely passionate in every aspect when it comes to music.